Burger and Sandwich

  • Grilled Veg. Sandwich - AED 36.00

    Freshly baked with grilled butternut squash, zucchi, eggplant, tomato and mayola spread served with fries & salad. (NG / NO)

    Vegan Cheese Sandwich - AED 39.00

    Three Types of vegan cheese served in Ciabtta bread with mayola, slices of tomato and lettuce served with fries & salad. (NG / NO)

    Almond Burger - AED 69.00

    Almond Burger lay on top of lettuce, tomato, avocado and onion in Cicabatta bun spread with vegan mayola served with fries & salad.

  • Tijuana Burger - AED 69.00

    Vegan Tijuana patty lay over lettuce, tomato and mushroom in Ciabatta bun with a spread of mayola and topped with melted vegan cheese served with fries & salad.

    Slider Trio - AED 69.00

    Mini vegan burger served in 3 different ways: avocado with coriander, tomato and mayola, cucumber and tangy burger relish served with fries & salad

    Frankie Wraps - AED 59.00

    Scrambled todu masala with Tidjoori velami, cucumber, tomato and romaine lettuce wrap in Pita bread served with fries & salad

  • Hotdog Sandwich - AED 69.00

    Soft bread rolls with vegan sausage, mustard, ketchup, mayola and caramelised leeks served with fries & salad

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